Breathing practice that would have you smiling all day

Here is a simple, small breathing practice that will help you have a better day. I can assure you that this simple 5 minute practice will change your life radically. Going to a deep breathing space once a day can truly help you create awareness in your thinking, and with awareness of thought we can accomplish miracles. Plus, you will feel more relaxed and content and who doesn’t want a dose of that?

After this breathing practice you can transition into meditation—or it might just happen—or lie down and relax for a few moments. Allow the body to absorb the effects of the breathing practice. But if you are ready to move right away go for it! You know your body best. Sometimes after my breathing practice, I go into meditation, sometimes I move into a few asanas (yoga movements), and sometimes I just go into my day. I am always different. So do what feels better for you.

Here are a few steps I use to begin:

❤Sit or lay in a comfortable position. If you are sitting, keep the spine tall. Face the palms of your hands towards the sky.

❤There are several different types of breathing in yoga. This is just a breathing practice to bring awareness to the mind. The breathing is strong enough that you can hear it, but gentle enough that is relaxing. Your inhalation and exhalation should sound like the ocean. With your eyes and your lips gently closed start, try breathing through your nose.  

❤ Go to a happy, calming and relaxed place. Mine are Savasana(when you are laying flat after a yoga class), hot baths, or when I lay flat at the beach. So that is where I send my mind to. What’s yours? Go there (in thought- of course). Experience the feeling of calm and deep rest (1 minute).

❤Begin to practice mindful, slow, complete breathing. Your breath should be barely audible; it is predominately an internal sound. Feel, sense, and hear the inner sound of your breath (10 breaths).

❤Become aware of the length of inhale and exhale. Gradually refine them so that they are equal length (10 breaths).

❤ Continue breathing and relaxing. Your thinking should stay in your favorite happy, calming, relaxed place. And your breathing should continue.

❤The breath is smooth and continuous. You will feel more and more relaxed and will sink within your body.

❤To end the breathing practice, allow the breath to flow involuntarily for a few moments. Let it go back to your natural breathing. Be aware of its affect on the mind and body.

Did you like this post? Did you try the breathing practice? How was it? Please tell me your feed back. I know from personal experience, that this brings so much peace to my mind but I want to hear from you. I adore you and you deserve to feel better, I can only hope that this helps.❤

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