Yoga Heals

Yoga was a big part of my eating disorder recovery. I believe my yoga exposed me to a new world of healing and my yoga practice opened the first window to real self love.

When the eating disorder was bad, you know those super dark days when all you do is binge and purge on food and you loose complete hope for yourself, and think for sure you will be better of if you were dead. On those very dark days that we all with eating disorders suffer I at least had one hour to do something else other than give myself to the eating disorder. For one hour at minimum I was free. The yoga movements(asanas) and the breathing (pranayama) together brought some sort of serenity in my outlook in life. I was always a better human after a yoga class.

Yoga does something inside of me that I can’t explain with words it simply makes me a better me. It took a good couple years and a variety of many classes to find the type of yoga where my heart feels at home that is why I always encourage others to keep trying different classes. And because yoga helped me in my healing is why I teach it. I believe yoga can heal others too.

When chaos is around me I find my peace on my mat, and sometimes I don’t even use my mat, the carpet can do it, all I need is to start moving and breathing. Usually at home I go to the living room, and with my dog licking my face and getting in the middle of whatever I am doing, I start. There is no perfect moment, there is no perfect space, but yet there is: it’s right where you are at this very moment.

Whatever yoga you decide to do, for 15 minutes or 2 hours be vulnerable, enjoy it and let it heal you. And if you have tried many types of yoga and you think  is not your thing, it’s okay, try to find something that like yoga opens your heart and your mind to a better you.

Have you done yoga? Do you like it? What does yoga have done for you? Do you have a yoga love story like mine? I will love to hear your comments so please leave a comment or if you have questions please let me know, I love hearing from you.❤

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