Sankalpas are epic and they are a way to take your yoga practice to another level. It’s like you give wings to your own yoga practice, and take away the focus on the movements and move it towards something bigger. I usually try to start my yoga classes with a Sankalpa.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word and basically means Intention. So at the beginning I encourage my students to set an Intention for each class; it can be anything they want it to be. I always share my personal Sankalpa with my class to encourage the students to make their own. Sankalpa’s are important to have before the class because it gives your yoga practice a more dense feeling, a purpose. When you have a Sankalpa for your practice you are not just practicing yoga to get a sweat or de-stress your self. It’s bigger than that. You are practicing with objective. The practice becomes mindful. Some of my past Sankalpas come out in the moment, just as I am starting the class I hear a little whisper and is the perfect thing I need to hear.

“I am in peace with myself”

 “I open my heart and mind to new ways”

“I treat myself and others with kindness”

“I smile and walk thru life with out any effort; life is easy for me”

“I dedicate my class to those who are suffering and with my practice I send them love”

A Sankalpa can be about humanity, or other people, somebody that is sick, a friend that is depressed; maybe you dedicate your practice to somebody you don’t know yet, or it can also be totally about you. You choose what you want to dedicate your practice to.

Next time you are on your mat, bring your hands to your heart and let your heart speak to you. Hear the voice of your bright self, your higher self, God, Angels or whatever you want to call it, and listen to what your Sankalpa needs to be for the day, for your yoga practice.

You don’t do yoga? No worries a Sankalpa can be used for anything, you can do any activity with intention and create a Sankalpa for it. With a Sankalpa any activity can be transformed and become a beautiful experience.

Please let me know what is your Sankalpa, what is the little whisper telling you. Please leave a comment, I LOVE hearing from you.❤

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