New Students At Yoga Class

Going to a yoga class for the first time can be intimidating for anybody. But as a yoga instructor is really exiting when a new student shows up to class for the first time. My secret plan is to show them how fun, relaxing and how good of a work out yoga can be. I want them to go crazy about yoga, so they keep doing it and get all the amazing benefits from having a regular practice. But I must confess I get a little bit nervous too, being the first yoga teacher is a lot of pressure.

I want to brake all the myths that they may have about yoga and pass on to them my deep love for it. I am especially concerned with the new students doing their first yoga class because I want to fulfill their expectations. But I always remind myself that at the end of the day there is nothing  I can really “do”  to make yoga amazing. Yoga is all ready amazing. Yoga is simple and it comes down to really not “teaching” and just paying attention to our breath, to fit your body into the shapes, and basically yoga teaches you itself.

Have you been to yoga? How was your first time? Did you liked it? If you didn’t, don’t give up. There is a type of yoga just for you. Just know, that like me there is a teacher waiting just for YOU. Please leave a comment I would love to hear about your first yoga experience.❤

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