Oh Dear Marketing

The manipulation that we encounter every day by marketing ads is undeniable. The clothes we buy, the car we drive, the food we eat, the way we want to look, the things we want, and think we need seems like it has been chosen for us. At least for me, in my life, I know if I am not careful that marketing can call the shots. What we see on TV, magazines, billboards, and elsewhere, matter, they affect us and influence our mind and decision making.

This is why it’s important to question the reasoning as to why you want to look a certain way. Why do you think it’s better to be skinny?

We, the ones that suffer an eating disorder, obsess about a particular look. Usually we want to look like a 13 year old boy, but sometimes we just want to be 10-15 pounds lighter. I don’t believe our obsession for a particular look is really born out of us. I believe it is born out of the media and society’s need to define the perfect body. Our mistake is to comply with the media and society.

When I see an add in a magazine or in a billboard portraying a super skinny beautiful woman I don’t think “that is fake, that picture has been retouched,” I think “I want to look like that.” Not consciously of course, but my brain has this way of absorbing images and distorting the way I see the world and myself. And later when I am about to take a shower and I see my imperfect body in the mirror, that other fake image that I grabbed earlier comes out and then I find myself feeling bad about how I look. That is how my mind works. That is why I have to be careful with what magazines I read and what shows I watch. They matter.

The way women are portrayed in the media is unrealistic and the majority of the ads have been retouched so that it makes the particular image of women not only unrealistic, but unreal. And we absorb all those fake unrealistic images of fake bodies, with unrealistic faces, and we subsequently want to look unrealistic. So we take unrealistic measures. We end up starving, binging, purging and do whatever it takes to achieve an unattainable look.

Do you think we as society glorify skinny and shame fat? Do you think you will value yourself more if you are skinnier? Smaller? Who would care? Do you think people will value you more? Admire you? Why?

Have you ever considered that maybe after all, your eating disorder is just a product, a consequence, of the way women are being portrayed in today’s media? Do you think media has anything to do with your eating disorder? Please tell me your side of things. I want to hear from you. Leave a comment, this is a safe place. There is no judgement. I am here to help you.❤


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