Why do you want to be skinny?

Have you ever ask yourself why do you want to be skinny? Why do you think your body will look better if it was smaller? Thinner? Bonnier? Why skinny is better than fat? We, the ones with eating disorders live obsessing over been skinny. That is how the eating disorder takes over our mind and body. And the million dollar question is why? Why do we want to be skinny so bad that we decide to hurt ourselves? It’s complicated, I know. There are layers to this disease and so many factors involved. There is not right answer for the questions.

For me, the answer came years later after I was recovered. My eating disorder was a product of a heavy unconscious mind and what I had absorbed thru the years from my surroundings; media, friends, family, society, etc. So somehow I believed that skinny was good, fat was bad and that I needed to be skinny to be good, we add a little dust of perfectionism and you got your self Aidee with an eating disorder. The way my mind works its not as literal, but basically that is what happen inside of it. So this brings me to think about all the things that I am surrounded with and how important they are.  

The ideal body pictures in our mind most of the times are determined by a collective customized marketing plan. The food industry is also working really hard creating foods, and promoting those to us. See the food industry, and  the beauty industry spends a lot of money in advertising, basically telling us what we should eat and how we should look like. Just in 2010 the fast food industry spent $4.2 billion dollars on marketing in the United States. That is just fast food alone. It all starts when we are kids according with the Food Marketing Group.

  • Companies spend $1.79 billion annually to market food to children with only $280 million for healthy foods
  • 70% of food ads on the most popular children’s television channel are for junk foods
  • Two-thirds of children’s websites display food ads; of these food ads, 84% are for junk foods
  • Research indicates that children don’t understand the persuasive nature of advertisements until age 8

Maybe the eating disorder is a product of the overload of advertising. Maybe not. Just be aware that there are companies spending a ton of money to make you believe that you actually want to eat unhealthy foods, the make you feel guilty for eating them, then they surround you with unrealistic images of beauty and then they also make you feel bad for not achieving the beauty ideals.

I hope this helps you see your eating disorder in a new way. Take a few minutes and think about how the media has affected the way you perceive the world.

You are not broken, you are only a naive sponge and you have absorbed the messages that are portray in the environment. The eating disorder is not your fault. You are perfectly made, you are not alone and I am here to help you. Leave a comment below, there is nothing that I love more than hearing from you. ❤

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