Teaching Yoga Can Get Repetitive

I love to take random yoga classes from different studios. I have my own teaching style—every teacher does—but there is always something new to learn from each other. I have had conversations before with other yoga teachers and we all agree sometimes we tend to teach too comfortably. It may not be comfortable for the students though, but the poses are poses that are easy for our body and poses we are used to doing. We take advantage of what we know best.

There is no better way to open your self for change and improvement than looking at other people’s work. This is not copying, this is opening yourself to learning new things. Obviously I am not just talking about yoga. If you are a painter, photographer, a doctor, teacher, etc., this applies to you, too. If you look at somebody else’s work with true appreciation of what they do, and appreciate them as the maven that they are, then the benefit comes to you; think inspiration baby!!!

Take advantage of your surroundings, look for somebody else who is doing what you are doing. If you are a chef, go to other restaurants, try other foods. Don’t compare your self, just enjoy their work and learn. You can learn and get inspired from a good and a bad experience, just be open to learn from any experience.

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