Practice Creates Health

And  sometimes you practice so much that you end up a bad-ass gifted health guru or what other people call recovered.

Practice to eat. Practice to stop eating. Practice to enjoy food. Practice not to be afraid of food. Practice to love your body. Practice to be grateful to your body. Practice avoiding diet and weight conversations. Practice to change your focus. Practice to think better and you will do better.

We can and need to build and strengthen the mental muscles to our benefit. An everyday constant pursuit of a way out of the eating disorder will always bring you to your recovery. It’s normal not to be successful—at least at first—but persistency is a must. Practice is a must.

Drifting away from the recovery path is easier, because the eating disorder pattern in your brain is already built and it feels natural. And there are so many distractions and entertaining temptations; your phone has all kinds of wonders, if you are like me, before you realize it you are checking out a new diet, a workout routine, plastic surgery, etc. anything that contributes to the eating disorder mentality. And then friends, family, co-workers, or anybody that it’s close to us also distract. We get together, we go out for lunch and we eat and we laugh, and we go out for drinks, and we eat some more. But in the commotion of things we shift away from our purpose. Our goal. And we go back to the eating disorder.

So to progress on the recovery path we have to fight to maintain our devotion, without been obsessed about it. There is a fine line there. I know I had to fight(with myself) for some silence and solitude to reflect in my actions, to study, to follow a constant practice and implement a new set of positive habits.

You own this time to yourself.

Are you feeling hopeless? Tired of trying? Don’t know how to pursue recovery? Leave a comment – and let’s be a light to each other.  You are not alone. ❤


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