4 Easy Ways To Stop Overeating

Overeating happens to everybody and when it happens we all regret eating too much, we learn our lesson and stop doing it. But some of us keep at it and if it starts happening too often overeating can become a negative habit that’s hard to get away from.

Here are my suggestions to help you stop once and for all the overeating habitual cycle. 

1. Serve and sit down. Use plates, bowls and utensils, never eat from the box, bag or from the pan. Always serve yourself  and sit down to eat your meal. Also avoid eating while driving, walking, watching TV, or other non-dining activities. These will not help you to stop overeating.

2. Breathe.  Just like in yoga, go for a full inhale and exhale through your nose when you are sitting at your kitchen table and look at your plate before you dig into the food. It will only take you 5 seconds to look at it all. Be mindful in this moment. Be grateful for the food that is on your plate. Again, breathe!  And, enjoy.

3. Chew, chew, chew. Savor every single bite. You are worth it! You deserve every single bite and you deserve to enjoy it. Why rush through your meal to finish in 15 minutes? Why? If you love food as much as I do, enjoy it, savor every bite, and relax. Chewing more than you normally chew might feel like a ridiculous and unnecessary thing to do. But it’s not. If you feel that way that is just a big sign that you indeed swallow your food without much chewing, without savoring the food you have. Again, you deserve to enjoy your meal, so slow down and take your time. 

4. Check yourself . Before you go for seconds, or dessert, or anything else pause and wait at least 15 minutes to go back to the kitchen. Still feel hungry after the 15 minutes? Drink some water, and wait at least another 15 minutes to see if you are still hungry. This one is the one that gets us to overeat big time. The mind can be a bitch and it can tell you things like, “yum that was delicious, lets do it again, get a little bit more” and before we know it we end up with our plate full, eating all over again. Even if we’re not even hungry. So, be careful, and watch out for seconds!

I hope this works for you as good as it works for me. There is freedom in sharing and I would love to hear from you. always, be easy and caring with yourself, there are no rules to follow. I know, that just like me, you are doing your very best. Leave a comment or ask a question I am here for you. ❤ 

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