5 Things Yoga Has Thought Me

1. Be present.

When I realized that I was a consequence of multitasking and technology, to be present became one of my goals. I would often find myself texting a friend when on dinner with another friend, thinking about lunch when I was eating breakfast, or on the phone with my mother while cleaning or cooking. And there is nothing wrong with that, but often I missed important moments because I was not there even though I was there. After my first yoga class things changed. One class was all it took. During the class I was so attentive to my body movements that all thoughts went out the window. In that moment, I couldn’t text, or do anything else. My attention was 100% in the practice. It was all about the flow of movements. I was able to be present for most of the class. It was a different, but familiar feeling. And I wanted more of it.

2. Breathe.

I was in child’s pose and my yoga teacher said “breath it out!” The whole class went for it, then she said, “I want to hear it, make it loud ” On an exhalation, a huge “haaaaaaaaaaa” came out of me. And then tears. That was not the last time it happened to me, it happens to me all the time when I least expect it – tears. Where do they come from? I don’t know, but I know every breath takes me closer to a peaceful me. So I breath for sanity.

3. To do the impossible.

Six months ago I couldn’t do the things that I can do now. I am not only talking about yoga poses, I am talking about life in general. And my yoga practice shows me everyday that my body and my mind can do the impossible.

4. Things always work out.

This is all about being patient and being in the moment without wanting to change it or feeling bad about it. I can be in any situation and I know that I am okay. I will always be okay. Yoga gives me a sense of serenity and certainty that nothing else in my life can.

5. Let go.

In order for me to live the life that I want I have to let go of many things. But for me this is not easy, especially if I don’t do yoga. Yoga is the only thing that after one hour I can have my freedom back. And there are days I need two hours. But hey, it’s either that or living attached to the things are no longer serving me.

What has yoga thaught you? Make a list and share it withe the world or here. with me Leave a comment. ❤

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