How To Love Your Body

I woke up in the morning loving my body. E V E R Y   M O R N I N G. Just happy. It has not always been like that, but now I am  just truly content with the way it is. I am grateful for it, and when I am not happy about my body I fake it until I am. Yes, of course, I still have days that I don’t completely love my body. Days where I feel fat, or bulky or just not good enough. But now I know that feeling is not real. I don’t need to follow the feeling. I don’t need to feed the feeling by thinking about a diet, a cleanse, or planning my meals or workouts in detail. I know better. I know that if I follow the negative feeling it will backfire on me. So I don’t. And to help me stay out of the Hate Zone for my body I follow a few rules:

Don’t follow any social media “fitspiration.” I don’t really look at anybody’s pictures. Mostly I don’t have time, but if I do I have managed to follow only people that inspired me. My Facebook feed is actually full of news and good vibes.

I don’t buy or read any magazines that promote one particular type of body. I even canceled my subscription for yoga journal. Skinny lean yogis? Not real! At least not where I live, and not for me either.

I don’t talk diets, weight loss, weight gain, food talk. I have friends that count calories, go to the gym everyday for 2 or 3 hours, that skip meals and are obsessed with what they eat. I used to be like that, even after I was “rehabbed” I was still worried about food and weight. What a waste of my time. I regret those days.  I stay away from those friends, or I change the conversation. Usually those friends are stuck and can’t even talk about what is happening in the world or any other subject. They’ve been sucked in the food/weight obsession. Just like I was.

I limit my workouts and my personal food talk. Yes it’s important to work out and yes it’s important to eat healthy. But how much time am I spending on this? An hour walking? Yes! Running 10 miles every day? No! Eat enchiladas for lunch and enjoying every single bite? Yes! Freaking out because it had too much cheese or I ate too much and planing to skip dinner because of lunch? NO!

You get the idea. But deciding to love the way you are right now is a choice, and that choice brings more little small choices around it. So don’t dismiss your everyday habits, and change what you can and need to. Remember that I am here for you, and there is nothing in this world that I love more than talk about this. Thank you for reading. Leave a comment. ❤

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